Best Financial Web APPS for Businesses

Tracking sales, inventory distribution, managing payroll and tracking stocks are some of the financial tasks that every business owner has to take care of. And it’s a proven fact that one size doesn’t fits at all. On internet, there are so many online financial applications that provide assistance to the business owners but you don’t have enough time to search and give a try to all of them. To help you in searching these online tools, we’ve come up with this post in which we have featured the best financial web APPS for businesses. Enjoy!

Intuit’s QuickBooks

Intuit’s QuickBooks is one of the popular accounting tools with having an in built cash flow forecast feature. In order to get a more accurate cash flow model you just need to define different aspects of your business like bank balances, receivables, and credit card ledgers. Once your business report is generated, your estimates can be broken down by simply clicking on to the links and changing date ranges.

Finance Manager


Finance Manager is a FREE financial Web APP program specially designed for small businesses to keep track of the expenses as you go. Now you can easily track your expenses, income, cash flow, budgeting, and bank accounts with Finance Manager. It can be installed on Mac, Linux, or Windows PC, and even on any Android phone or tablet too. Good reporting and analysis along with spreadsheet export is one of the major features on finance manager. Plus it features an option with which you can back up your data on Google Drive or memory cards.



If your business is outgrowing, one best financial web APP option to consider at that time is PlanGuru. It allows you to make financial forecasts up to 10 years out as well as it takes automatic care of company income statements, cash flows, and balance sheets in Excel, QuickBooks files or in other formats. Besides this, PlanGuru also generates a statement with more than 20 different methodologies. You can easily use them to forecast about any hypothetical business situation.



If you’re a small business person who is in need of tracking his income, expenses, and cash flows, but don’t have any payroll, inventory, on invoicing system, Buddi is the best option to count it. It is a perfect personal finance and budgeting program for business person. It tracks prepaid accounts, budgets, and transactions. Buddi provides very good reporting on accounts and categories via using graphs and charts. Buddi is FREE and it runs perfectly on Mac, Windows, and Linux.



FreshBooks is a one of the best and easiest financial web APPS for businesses. It is a web APP that assists business owners who used to receive or send out invoices. FreshBooks also helps it users to track their expenses, prepare taxes, and offers mobile add-ons with account access through an iPhone, Samsung, Windows, or BlackBerry phone. In FreshBooks you can easily manage up to three clients for FREE. Paid packages of FreshBooks start at $19.95 per month.


Always remember one thing, no matter which of these financial Web APPS you use, your forecast will be only as good as your data you enter into it. For cash flow projections and business finances web APPS to function properly and provide you the most accurate forecasts, you need to give accurate sales, expenses, budget data and the proper dates for all of the transactions.
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