Best FREE Web APPS for Your Business

Best FREE Web APPS for Your Business

Best FREE Web APPS for Your Business

Best FREE Web APPS for Your Business

Good productivity with an efficient operation is the key to success of any business on earth. Are you a starter! Want to get ahead in your business and business operations. Get an APP for your business right now. Today, in this post I’m going to share some of the best and useful web APPS that helps you in getting your business successful in number of ways. These web APPS will help you in managing your team, finances, customers, inquiries, feedback, sales, and above all improves your business efficiency. These web APPS have a FREE version supported with a FREE Trial.

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Google Analytics – Start Analyzing your Business Insights

Google Analytics - Start Analyzing your Business Insights

Whether you’re a starter or you want to boost your sales or find more visitors, Google Analytics has the perfect features you need to improve your business operations. It lets you do more than measuring sales and conversations. It also gives you insights of business that how your visitors find and use your site, and what are the factors that make them to come back. Data provided by Google Analytics, helps you in making smarter marketing decisions for your business transformation. You can easily track the routes and devices which people take to reach you by Traffic Sources. Furthermore you can learn about your people, that what they’re looking for and what they like with the help of your In-Page Analytics.

MailChimp – Send Better Email. Sell More Stuff.

MailChimp - Send Better Email. Sell More Stuff.

For every business, advertisement and promotion of its core products and services in necessary to stay alive in competition!  MailChimp is the best and FREE web APP for any business to go for a targeted email marketing campaign of products and services. It gives you access to create targeted campaigns, follow-ups, and emails messaging. By learning about your customers purchasing behaviors, you can send them better emails via MailChimp. With MailChimp, your business promotional emails get to the right people at the right time. You can easily target your customers on behavior, purchasing patterns, preferences, and previous sales made by them. Trigger a bunch of your promotional emails to your targeted consumers with just a single API request.

Wrike – Fast, Easy, and Efficient Project Management Software

Wrike - Fast, Easy, and Efficient Project Management Software

Wanna go beyond your traditional tasks and project management, Wrike is the best option to consider. It offers simple but a featured stacked way to manage your team. With use of Wrike, you can take your collaboration and team efficiency to a next level. Wrike connects your tasks, data, files, meetings, and discussions by saving your time in assembling team, coordinating work, searching for information, and tracking work progress of your teammates.

ZOHO – The Operating System for Business

ZOHO - The Operating System for Business

Zoho is the best operating system for your business. It offers you a wide range of applications that will help you in your business operations. Whether it’s Sales & Marketing, Email & Collaboration, Business Process, Finances, Invoicing, IT & Help Desk, Customer Support, Human Resources and much more, Zoho offers a 360 degree set of tools for your business. The benefit of sticking only to Zoho is that you can easily manage each of your app through the same account.


Every business owner wants to stay alive and ahead in business community. If you’re a business person or a new business startup and you’re looking to make it big, then the only friend you’ve had around is the Internet. Your friend Internet provides you access to the worldwide market, with offering number of online tools, softwares, and web APPS that can surely be of very much use to your business. Start using these best FREE Web APPS for your Business from today and make your business site successful.

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