Native, HTML or Hybrid – Which Mobile App Development to go with?

Customers experience to a mobile app is the most essential thing for your business nowadays. We often persuade our customers to maximize their presence with end users by moving to the mobile space. Shifting to mobile space can be easily done by simply upgrading your existing sites to responsive layouts or separate mobile themes. Reaching out to your audience is the main string of mobile apps.

Before we dive into the mobile world of native, html or hybrid mobile apps, there’s one key aspect of mobile that you should be aware of.  Mobile is a very personal device and you always keep it with you, literally, every minute of the day. So it should be responsive and reliable at any cost. Mobile should respond quickly to all the answers of yours questions as soon as possible. In short mobiles should act as a good user experience, because nobody has time for bad user experiences. A poor mobile app experience always discourages users from using an app again. That should be always in mind before going into native, html or hybrid mobile apps.

User Experience

“User Experience outdoes everything else, when it comes to mobile phone”

Keeping performance as benchmark, neither html nor hybrid mobile apps perform as well as native mobile apps, so if you’re opting html or hybrid mobile apps, you should be well aware of the fact that user’s experience will definitely have to suffer. Though, there are many other benefits of using html or hybrid mobiles apps, but user’s experience for mobile apps should always be the most prioritized and top most consideration.

Quality is one big thing to which every business on planet looks up to. In mobile world, competition is consistently increasing with launch of so many new mobile apps day by day. But at the end of the day, what only matters is cost cutting without any compromise on quality. That’s the whole scenario of businesses nowadays. So, which mobile application we should be going with, Native, HTML or Hybrid! To opt for the right mobile app, we need to keep in mind the tradeoffs of each app approach. Then we can finally come to any decision.

Native Mobile Apps

Coming directly to performance, NATIVE mobile apps are the ones which can confer the best performance, but for that you’ve to build separate apps for separate platforms. Plus, they are also costly to build but they never compromise on quality.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile apps are like any other apps that you’ll find on your mobile. They can be installed on your mobile phone. You can easily find them in different app stores. They cost less to build and requires a single code base works across platforms, but one thing for sure, the access to native APIs can be limited in case of hybrid mobile apps.

HTML Mobile App

At times it can be difficult to tell how a mobile application is built, but specifically talking about html or web mobile apps; these are a lot easier to build. One bad thing about them, they can’t be distributed on app stores plus you can’t access native APIs and device features in html mobile apps.

Which Mobile App Development to use?

Perhaps the most important decision that a company must have to make before entering into world of mobile apps development, which mobile app development approach they wish to use when building a mobile app. To help you choose which approach is best for your app idea, here’s a summary of the differences between the three main mobile apps: native, html or hybrid.

Opt Native Mobile App Development When You:

  • Are targeting only one platform
  • Have enough budget for building and maintaining apps on three different platforms
  • Have access to the right tech talent
  • Feel that Fast GUI is essential
  • Need app store presence – web apps won’t work
  • Require Access to all Native APIs and device features

Opt HTML Mobile Apps When You:

  • Want a high performance cross-platform solution at affordable costs
  • Want a single code base to simplify app maintenance and support
  • Don’t need to distribute apps through app stores
  • Want to utilize your specific tech expertise and build an app in a language of your choice
  • Don’t need to access native APIs and don’t need offline capabilities

Opt Hybrid Mobile Apps When You:

  • Need a cross-platform solution
  • Can’t afford to spend much on the development
  • Want to reach maximum number of users
  • Don’t care about app store distribution
  • Want to utilize expertise of your web developers
  • Can live without native APIs and device features
  • Want to simplify app maintenance and support

What do we suggest?

Native Mobile Apps

User experience is the key to an application’s success. And in mobile app development realm, native mobile apps win the war in performance, leaving html and hybrid apps far behind. Talk about native mobile app, it is faster and more reliable along with its very design. Whenever users navigate a native mobile app, the structure, contents, and visual elements are already on their mobile, available for instant loading, and thereby providing a good user experience. Keeping in mind factors like best security, best in class user experience, best performance along with offline mode, we recommend going native in mobile app development.

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