Consultancy & Strategy

Blockchain technologies offer unique opportunities to rethink organisations and processes, and explore new markets. However for many industries they also bring the risk of being disintermediated by new entrants.

Building a clear vision and strategy is key to be a leader of the future standards and technologies.

Understand Blockchains

Blockchains often seem difficult to understand. That is why, for our training sessions, our main focus is pedagogy. Our goal is to make people understand, in a simple way, the functioning, the stakes and the use cases of blockchains and cryptoassets.

Identify Blockchain use cases

We offer tailored workshop sessions in order for you to identify blockchain use cases for your company and your sector that can bring real value. Their goal is to identify use cases adapted to your company, or dig deeper into already identified use cases to confirm their feasibility.

  • Ideation workshops (½ day) : Identify blockchain use cases for your organization
  • Backlog and guidelines workshop (½ day) : dig deeper into an already identified use case and identify the main steps and milestones of a future experimentation project

Build a strategy

Blockchain technologies are a unique opportunity to rethink organizations and processes, and to open up to new markets. Incumbent and innovative companies need to be proactive in the blockchain field and anticipate on this technology, in order not to suffer the standards chosen by competitors.

  • Tailored structuring of your strategy
  • Strategic studies and insights
  • From A to Z