Blockchain technologies are fast-paced innovations. Setting up applications requires going through iterative testing steps, in order not to be locked in obsolete technologies

We help you experiment use cases through Proof-of-Concepts, towards secured implementation in your IT systems.


Development of Minimum Viable Products or Proof-of-Concepts

Private or public architectures

Experiments at a competitive price


Implementation of previously tested/experimented MVPs or PoCs

Integration within your organisation’s IT services

Legal compliance of developed applications

Our Approach


We independently selects the adequate protocol that suits your needs.

You are the owner of the solution we deliver.


Our methodology is in line with the Agile Manifesto.

Average time of our Proof-of-Concepts: six to eight weeks.


Blockchain challenges should be thought from a technical, but also legal and organisational point of view.

Ecosystem dynamics: we’re able to source complementary expertise if needed.

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Powering Business Operations with the use of Blockchain Technology

Developing, Implementing and Strategizing Blockchain Technologies


Developing blockchain solutions in line with industry requirements.


Implementing Blockchain Solutions in line with the business needs.


Understanding blockchain potential and limitations in relation to corporate Governance, Compliance and Regulation.

Leveraging blockchain for business

Blockchain technologies have demonstrated their potential in numerous sectors: banking, insurance, transport, retail, energy, real estate, music industry.

We help you seize blockchain opportunities and leverage their potential with our cross-industry experience. From ideation to production, we are your Blockchain Partner.

We Are a Blockchain Innovation Hub

Our team consists in qualified blockchain developers, capable of turning your ideas in solutions in just a few weeks

At AppsGenii, we develop next generation blockchain applications using blockchains and smart contract technology. We can speed up your teams understanding of the potential blockchain applications in your industry and execute your roadmap to develop them.