ICO/STO Consultancy


From Concept to Crowdsale and Beyond


AppsGenii will help your project build and maintain a large following, efficiently answer all incoming questions, and fight scammers to leave a favorable impression in the eyes of potential investors conducting due diligence.

We will provide you with 24/7 management of social media channels so that potential investors get the answers they need to make important investment decisions.

Engage and Grow Your Audience

AppsGenii’s community management services will give life to your social channels, establish trust and authority among ICO/STO investors, and solidify your place as a highly sought after project.

Get full access to our industry experience accrued over managing hundreds of projects. Let us advise you on what strategies work, and which strategies do not based on our first-hand experience.


Receive advice custom-tailored to your project based on our deep experience preparing projects for crowdsales. Our team’s hands-on guidance will ensure your project makes all the right moves leading up to its big moment.


Don’t risk losing a potential investor over improperly translated text. We’ll ensure your project maximizes its investor reach by accurately translating documentation into different languages.


Investors will often base their entire investment decision on the quality of your project presentation. After analyzing hundreds of website/whitepaper combinations, AppsGenii has learned exactly what investors must see before committing.

Smart Contracts


We offer a full turn-key solution for your business. Our product offerings combine to cover everything you need to successfully launch your ICO/STO.
Focus on building your product and we’ll handle the rest.