Train like a Pro with 6 Pack Promise – Ultimate Abs

No time for an abs workout? Not enough cash to hire a personal trainer? Want to do your ab training at home? Unsure how to perform a new ab exercise in a safe, effective manner? Train like a Pro with 6 Pack Promise – Ultimate Abs. Six packs for everyone! ATHLEAN-X is here to keep your ambitions high with the 6 Pack Promise Abs Trainer, Exercises & Core Workouts app! The idea of the app is with a little work on your core each day; you’ll slowly be able to develop the ever elusive six pack abs.

The app has a customizable program that assigns a different set of abdominal exercise videos every day for any fitness level. We tested it out to see if it’s user-friendly, functional, and above all, effective.

Created by celebrity pro athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere, the 6 Pack Promise ab workout brings you the same exact ab workouts used to keep today’s elite professional athletes in game-ready shape while helping them carve out 6 pack ABs.

With 6 Pack Promise you get to access:

  • 30 unique FREE ab exercises to get you pumped!
  • Convenient fast workouts, ranging from 4-8 Minutes!
  • Over 70 additional ab forming advanced workouts using IAP to keep it fresh and exciting
  • Video demonstrations of all 105 ab crushing exercises by celebrity pro trainer Jeff Cavaliere
  • Designed for all levels, whether you are a gym newcomer or weekend warrior
  • Unlock the ab shredding meal plans to provide the ultimate one-two punch in gaining your 6 pack.
  • Track your progress with regular photos and share them on your favorite social network
  • Keep up to date and learn with the latest Athlean-X videos
  • Favorite workouts to do them again!
  • Track your workouts with Health integration.

top 10 fat burning excercises by AppsGenii

As summer approaches, most of us are on a mission to find ways to lose a few pounds that have found a new home on our hips, stomach, and buttocks. We stop having that extra slice of pizza, politely refuse dessert at a restaurant, and start parking further away from a store’s entrance to incorporate a little walking into our daily routine. All these changes do in fact help towards weight loss, but what we all really need (and want) to know is what is the top 10 fat burning exercises that will target our flabby areas?The good news is that most of the top 10 fat burning and weight loss exercises do not require much equipment or preparation.

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