How To Get A Top Google Ranking For Your Business?

How To Get A Top Google Ranking For Your Business

How To Get A Top Google Ranking For Your Business?

How To Get A Top Google Ranking For Your Business

There used to be a time when websites can be easily found in Google Search Engine. You just need to have a domain with some basic HTML coding supported by Keyword researches, Title tags, Meta tags and some description. But in this advanced era of technology, the situation is now totally altered. In today’s world, getting a top rank for a business site in search engines especially like Google has become quite a difficult phenomenon because you don’t know from where to start exactly. With lots of daily advancements and IT techniques, we have become confused about what to do and what not to do in order to get a top ranking in Google search engine. Here in this post in which we’ve discussed some of the tips that will definitely help you in getting a top ranking for your business in Google search engine.

  1. SITE SPEED: “Your site needs to load quickly on all devices”

Before setting up a website, one thing should be always in your mind that Site Speed is the most important part of any website’s user experience. The faster your site, the greater will be the user experience. Additionally, the site speed is becoming an essential factor when it comes to get a top ranking in search engines. But you don’t need to worry at all, because we’re here to help you in this tough time of competition. All you need to do is to paste your site’s URL in this Google’s Page Speed Insights tool and see how quickly your site’s main pages load on all devices. And if you find that your site’s pages are taking too long to open on devices, here is a way to Speed up your Site and improve your conversations.

  1. Use a .COM Domain

Domain names play a significant role in search engine rankings as they have a long history in search engine optimization. Before starting a new website, your first and most important decision should be to choose a domain name and it should be .COM domain because it a great SEO fodder. A .COM domain offers several SEO advantages rather than other domain names because of it is always available, relevant, short, memorable, common, and highly used. According to a recent research by Searchmetrics concluded that 84% of the top ranking pages in Google Search Engine use .COM as their Top Level Domain (TLD).

  1. Always Use DESCRIPTIVE URLs

Before getting into detail, you must know about URL. Every website has its own URL. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and it is a human readable text designed to replace the IP addresses that computers use to communicate with the servers. A URL plays a very important role for a website in getting a top ranking in search engines. All you need to do is to keep your site URL static and use descriptive keywords in your URL. Never ever use random letters or numbers in your URL. If your site’s URL isn’t clear and user friendly, there is way to optimize your URLs for search engines and people.

  1. Title Tags should be Unique and Descriptive

You set a site and your site doesn’t show up on Google or other popular search engines, then there is a definite issue with the title tags of your site. First of all you need to ensure that each page of your site is using a unique, friendly and descriptive title tag so that you can tell your users and search engines what your site’s page is about. Secondly, with the help of HTML Improvements Report in Google Webmaster Tool, you can easily see if there is any issue with your site’s title tags and you can correct it later.

  1. Your Site should be Mobile Friendly

Today’s consumers are constantly on the move and are totally addicted to their mobile devices. In order to be in the competition your site should be mobile friendly with a quick launch time. And for that Google’s Mobile Friendly Tool is the best you have got. If your site is based on a WordPress format you can easily install this WPTouch Mobile Plugin with which you will be automatically switched to a mobile theme for your mobile visitors.

  1. Use of Relevant Keywords

A time ago, there wasn’t that much focus on keywords while setting up sites. The level of importance for keywords has been changed as compared to few years ago. Nowadays the keywords have become the key pillars of sites for organic page rank in search engines. Developing a list of keywords is becoming one of the first and most important steps in search engine optimization of sites. If you want site to be in the first page of search engines, learn here to get better rankings for your top keywords.

  1. Blog

There are millions of websites running on servers around the globe. If you have a basic business website it’s great, but it you are regularly adding some unique, demanding, and relevant content in form of a blog to your site, then you have the better chances of attracting traffic from search engines. A site having a blog with copied content is of no use, but a site with a blog of such content that your prospects and customers are looking for is of great use to you and in long run it will increase your site’s rank in search engines. Always try to keep your blog on your website’s root domain e.g. rather than on a separate domain.

  1. Content Marketing: “A Key to Search Rankings”

If your site creates a high quality content and promote it via blogs, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns there are many chances that your site will achieve and sustain a higher rank in search engines. Plus you will build trust with your customers and ultimately your sales will be increasing. All this happens just because of quality content and that’s the reason why content marketing is said to be the key to search engine rankings. An excellent, demanding and well researched content is both liked by the search engines and the readers, thus increasing the ranking of site in search engines. Must give a read to this step by step content marketing guide to know about detailed content marketing strategies being helpful for your site’s higher search engine rankings!


Final Thoughts

Everyone in this world who has a website wants to rank high in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. A higher rank in search engine means more traffic, and more traffic means more visitors, and more visitors mean more sales, or more revenue. There are probably so many ways to get a top Google ranking for your business, but we’ll stop here. But don’t let that stop you commenting below if there’s some important tips that you feel are obviously missing in this post. We’ll be more than happy to see some output from you. Feel free to mention your views in comments below.


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