Who is using Internet of Things (IoT)?

In the near future, you may no longer be needed to remember to turn off the oven when the cake is done, switch on the lights when you enter into a room, or run the clothes dryer when the electricity rates are cheapest. Your home itself will do for you. All thanks to Internet of Things (IoT)! What exactly Internet of Things (IoT) is and why it’s been called the future of technology.  Internet of Things commonly named as IoT, is a computing concept which describes the future where everyday physical devices will be connected to Internet and they will be able to identify themselves or to other connected devices.


In easy words, IoT is a network of interrelated computing devices, physical objects, digital machines, vehicles, buildings and other objects which are embed with sensors, electronics, softwares, and network connectivity enabling these objects to collect and exchange data with one another without any human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Internet of Technology is closely associated with RFID Technology as of the method of communication being used, although it may also include some other sensor and wireless technologies or QR codes. Simply put things together, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of technology which is about to make our lives more efficient. IoT offers new resources of data, technologies and business operating models which can boost productivity in a variety of industries as you can see below.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is one of the industries which benefit from Internet of Things (IoT) the most. Sensors being used for data collecting or information sharing, embed in factory machines or warehouse shelves can communicate problems and track resources in real times making it easy to work more efficiently and keep costs down.

Transportation Industry

Right now cars are not at the point of driving themselves, but undoubtedly they are more technologically advanced than ever before. The Internet of Things (IoT) also impacts transportation industry on a larger scale. The delivery companies can now easily track their fleet with the help GPS solutions. And roadways can be monitored via sensors to keep them as safe as possible. All these advancements are due to the Internet of Things (IoT) implementation in transportation industry. And very soon we’ll be seeing cars driving themselves and roads taking care of them.

Health Care Industry

Many people in health care industry are already using and have adapted various wearable devices that help and monitor exercise, sleep, running and other health habits. These digital items are only scratching the shell of how Internet of Things (IoT) impacts health care industry. Patient monitoring devices, electronic records and other smart accessories can help save more lives than before.

Utilities Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) is also benefiting the utilities industry in a number of ways in today’s world. Smart meters not only just collect data automatically, but they make it possible to apply analytics which can track and manage the everyday energy use. Similarly, sensors in devices such as windmills can track data and use a predictive modeling method to schedule downtime for more efficient energy usage.

Retail Industry

In retail industry, both the consumers and the stores can benefit from Internet of Things (IoT). In case of Stores, they might use Internet of Things (IoT) for inventory tracking, inventory updating or security purposes. And in case of consumers, they may end up with amazing personalized shopping experiences through data collected by sensors and cameras.

Telecommunication Industry

Among the fastest growing industries of all times, the telecommunication industry is the one. The telecommunication industry will be significantly impacted by the Internet of Things (IoT) since it will be charged with keeping all the data the IoT uses. Smart phones, personal devices, and other objects must be able to maintain a reliable connection with the Internet for the Internet of Things (IoT) to work effectively and efficiently.


Today, most of us think that Internet of Things (IoT) is just about being connected in terms of computers, tablets and smart phones. But in real, IoT describes a world where just about anything can be connected with one another and can easily communicate in an intelligent manner. Of all the technological trends taking place right now, the biggest of all is the Internet of Things (IoT). In other words, with the Internet of Things (IoT), the real world is becoming a one big information system.

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